PR, Content and Social Media

As a PR agency, PR KONSTANT has been successfully working in Düsseldorf for 25 years for well-known companies in the areas of public relations and social media. It is our strength to make up-and-coming brands known through our PR work, but also well-established brands rely on our service. We specialize in topics related to digitalization, IT, TC, lifestyle, e-mobility, solar and camping, depending on requirements we focus on B2B and B2C. Our business partners – and especially the journalists – benefit from the personal, professional and fast support as well as the handling of inquiries or projects of our PR agency.

Current Press Releases

Jackery Photo+Adventure 2000 Pro

Grenzenlose Power für Fotografen und Abenteurer: Jackery präsentiert Solargenerator Pro-Serie auf der Photo+Adventure

Jackery, der weltweit führende Anbieter von umweltfreundlichen tragbaren Energielösungen, präsentiert sein Portfolio erstmalig auf der Photo+Adventure am 13. und 14. Mai 2023 im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. Das Fotofestival vereint die Themen Fotografie, Reisen sowie Outdoor und bietet als Publikumsmesse Foto-Ausstellungen, Reisevorträge, Live-Shootings und Workshops. „Wir sind nicht nur als Aussteller, sondern auch als Premium Partner beim […]


GreenAkku selfPV: Erstes Balkonkraftwerk mit Lithium-Speicher verfügbar

Keinen wertvollen Solarstrom mehr ohne Rückvergütung ins Netz einspeisen Viele Besitzer von Balkonkraftwerken verschenken ihren Strom, weil sie insbesondere mittags ihren Solarertrag nicht verbrauchen und kostenlos ins öffentliche Stromnetz einspeisen müssen: Herkömmliche Lithium-Speicher-Systeme könnten das Problem lösen – waren aber bisher so teuer, dass sie sich für kleine Solaranlagen nicht gerechnet haben. Die beiden selfPV […]

Coolblue Umsatz

Coolblue erzielt leichtes Wachstum auf 2,35 Milliarden Umsatz

Zusammenfassung Coolblue, der kundenorientierteste Online-Händler in den Niederlanden, Belgien und Deutschland, legt seine Jahreszahlen für 2022 vor. Angesichts der Energiekrise, der Inflation und des zurückhaltenden Verbraucherverhaltens war 2022 ein schwieriges Jahr. Dennoch gelang es Coolblue, das Jahr mit einem Umsatz von 2,35 Milliarden Euro abzuschließen, ein leicht höheres Ergebnis als im Vorjahr (+0,6 %). Mit […]

Wie Sven Herzog mit GERMAN TELEVISION die Technikberichterstattung bei YouTube revolutioniert

Die Stimme aus dem Off — Sven Herzog erreicht mit seinem YouTube-Kanal GERMAN TELEVISION monatlich über 11 Millionen Camping-Freunde, Mobilisten und E-Bike-Enthusiasten / Ab sofort stellt er auch Tiny Houses und Yachten vor Katzenvideos, selbst aufgenommene Tanz-Clips, vermeintlich lustige Szenen und digitalisierte VHS-Videos waren die holperigen und wenig ansehnlichen Anfänge von YouTube als Videoplattform. Längst […]

Blaupunkt Frankfurt

Kult trifft Innovation: Das 90er Jahre Autoradio „Blaupunkt Frankfurt“ kehrt mit vielen neuen Features zurück

Früher war alles besser? Nein, aber vieles gut. Und so bringt der Car Multimedia Experte Blaupunkt nach erfolgreicher Neuauflage des „Blaupunkt Bremen“ für Oldtimer nun auch das beliebte DIN-1-Autoradio „Blaupunkt Frankfurt RCM 82“ (nicht nur) für Youngtimer zurück. Gespickt mit vielen innovativen Features überzeugt die Neuauflage des 90er Klassikers „Frankfurt RCM 82 DAB“ als klangstarkes […]

Public Relations

Our PR work includes strategic consulting support, which is characterized by experience and know-how paired with fresh ideas. We create and implement custom-made PR concepts and campaigns. We work with target group-specific press releases and distributors, making use of our extensive network and long-standing media contacts. We also support and coordinate trade fairs, events and press conferences. Our customers, journalists, bloggers and influencers benefit equally from our constant PR service.

Text creation and website service

In addition to PR, we specialize in the creation of content. We do not only write reports, case studies or whitepapers, but we also communicate them to the media. Our close relationship to the publications allows us further to act as a editorial office ourselves. We write and publish articles and editorial contributions. Furthermore, we have already implemented numerous website projects with success – we do not only provide exciting and understandable German web texts, but also SEO optimisation of the content. On request, we take care of the editorial maintenance of the website too. We also create German texts for newsletters, customer magazines, flyers and brochures quickly, custom-fit and flexibly.

Social Media

Whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Xing or LinkedIn: our social media service provides new fans and followers. From the conception to the creation of content to new products, sales activities and company news, whether raffles or competitions, we reach the desired target group and ensure engagement and traffic. We are also happy to take over the collaboration with influencers and KOL on social media in order to further increase the reach.


We also support our clients when it comes to marketing. From campaign planning to conception, negotiation and mediation of media cooperation or advertisements to sponsored posts and lead generation. We help with media planning, whether print, digital or AdWords.

Feel free to contact us and we will create a customized concept to support your company. You can reach our PR office in Düsseldorf here.

B2C references

LG Electronics – more than 7 years of PR support

As part of our PR and publicity work for the world-famous consumer electronics company, we presented the first LG mobile phones with which the Korean player entered the German mobile communications market to the media. Our press work generated countless press reports and enormous media attention. In addition, PR KONSTANT also launched the world’s first flat screen in Germany and created a large reach for the new technology in the DACH region. The PR agency not only used PR tools such as press releases, press conferences, sampling of tests, press meetings and media tours, but also organized a PR trip with journalists to LG’s Korean factories.

IO HAWK – more than 4 years of PR support

With the e-mobility specialist established in the media today, we presented the first hoverboard to the German-speaking press in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The number of articles, tests, reviews and interviews that followed is certainly only one of the reasons why IO HAWK still relies on PR KONSTANT as their PR agency today. We also presented e-bikes and some of the first street-legal e-scooters to the media. Another highlight were the e-skates, an extraordinary form of e-mobility that not only reached the traditional media, but also bloggers, YouTubers and influencers.

Blaupunkt – more than 8 years of PR support

For the Blaupunkt brand, PR KONSTANT has successfully acted as a press office for many years and takes care of all the concerns of journalists and customers. Our PR consultants support the sectors of folding e- bikes, car multimedia, audio and robotics. This is where the strength of the German PR specialists shows: Blaupunkt products are not only reported in the specialist newspapers for e-bikes, cars, caravans, audio equipment and household appliances, but also major media such as TV, daily, weekly and business publications pick our customer’s news up.

Yamaha – more than 3 years of PR support

Long before technologies like Google Chromecast or Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo flooded homes with music, the PR team at PR KONSTANT presented the first multiroom sound system, the MusicCast by Yamaha, to the German-speaking media. A revolution that hit the headlines through professional communication. This was where the strength of PR services from PR KONSTANT became apparent. Because in addition to the usual PR work, the team convinces with its own press releases and reports, for example in the channel press or in business media, including a full-page article in Handelsblatt with the headline “Wie kommt Musik durchs Haus”. PR KONSTANT was a trendsetter here – today this is called “storytelling” …

GOLEYGO – more than 2 years of PR support

The magnetic snap lock from GOLEYGO enables dog owners to securely leash their four-legged friends on and off in seconds with one hand. The Cologne start-up became known for its successful appearance on the VOX program “Die Höhle der Löwen”, in which it concluded a deal in 2018 with investors Ralf Dümmel and Frank Thelen. The PR KONSTANT GOLEYGO team has been accompanying GOLEYGO with PR work and support with the launch of new products. The range of dog leashes with the innovative locking system was expanded in 2019 to include products for equestrian sports. Through classic media work, blogger relations and support at trade fairs, the Düsseldorf PR consultants generate many reports in well-known daily newspapers such as Express, Bild am Sonntag or Focus as well as in industry-specific animal, dog and horse titles and blogs .

B2B references

Dolby – more than 4 years of PR support

Besides HDMI and MHL, the PR agency from Düsseldorf is also responsible for the introduction of various Dolby technologies from the audio, home cinema and gaming sectors. Our PR team presented Dolby Volume, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Home Theater v4 and Dolby Axon to the media at various media events, editorial tours and trade fairs. A highlight were the press breakfasts in the Dolby Media Lounge at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin where we presented groundbreaking and now established audio technologies, whether for good sound in stereo systems, televisions, cinemas, cars or computer games together with the multiple Oscar winner.

abas Software – more than 5 years of PR support

The results for the abas Software AG from Karlsruhe show how high the visibility is, which PR KONSTANT generates for software companies from the B2B sector. The PR consultants from Düsseldorf have already been supporting the software manufacturer for 5 years; not only in product and corporate communications, but also in the creation of user and reference reports as well as case studies. Today, the ERP solution does not only appear in specialist publications of the respective industries. The ERP manufacturer from Karlsruhe is also referred in major national business publications such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung, WirtschaftsWoche, Handelsblatt or in the magazine Impulse. At trade fairs, congresses, conferences and meetings, the PR agency PR KONSTANT arranges numerous interviews and increases the number of reports about the provider from year to year. Numerous reference reports published in the media illustrate the customer satisfaction of the users. In addition, the PR team also assumes tasks in the social media sector and the creation of press photos.

CryptoTec AG – more than 2 years of PR support 

To be or not to be: This was also evident in the PR for CryptoTec AG, a Cologne-based B2B start-up that offers high-security solutions for the communication of decentralized computer systems and wants to secure intellectual property and our privacy as a fundamental right. Keywords are protection against eavesdropping, manipulation and forgery.

The task for the press team was not only to successfully place these high values in top class media and to act credible and trustworthy while doing so. The challenge was to convince journalists of the benefit of a completely new IT technology: the Blockchain. PR KONSTANT succeeded in this through many discussions, meetings, case studies and editorial visits. The results are interviews in business media and TV programmes, press articles in online and print media as well as reports about CryptoTec in relevant blogs.

Roqqio – 2 years
The advancing digitization makes e-commerce more and more important for retail. PR KONTANT presents the solutions of the software provider Roqqio to the print and online media. Roqqio supports the retail stores with new, digital concepts to keep up with the latest changes. The offline and online business is intelligently linked in order to offer consumers the best possible shopping experience across all sales channels. Through press publications, interviews, face-to-face meetings with journalists, visits to editorial offices, the creation of case studies and reference reports as well as support for trade fair appearances and congresses, the PR team is able to present the solutions to the public and in well-known media – including Handelsblatt, Mobile Business, ChannelPartner, CRN, Telecom Handel, POS Kompakt, E-Commerce Magazin or Tagesspiegel.

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