Dolby 3D Digital Cinema Expands Worldwide as Demand Grows for Digital 3D

Dolby emerges as a leading 3D provider in Europe and Asia and announces new installations in North America

San Francisco, September 8, 2008 – Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) announced today that shipments of Dolby® 3D Digital Cinema units have reached more than 500 in 24 countries since its market debut less than a year ago in October 2007. Dolby continues to add new 3D screens in North America and has emerged as a leading 3D solution in Europe and Asia.

„Dolby 3D has been recognized as the premium 3D digital cinema image presentation by the filmmaking industry – exhibitors and patrons alike. Theatres around the world are selecting our system to present the optimal viewing experience for digital 3D movies,“ said John Carey, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Products, and Services, Dolby Laboratories. „We are delighted with the success of Dolby 3D in regions such as China, Japan, and South America, as well as Eastern Europe. Our numbers continue to grow steadily in North America and we welcome the many new exhibitors around the world to the Dolby 3D family.“ 

„Hollywood Theaters prides itself on providing the best experience for our patrons and Dolby 3D is the premium viewing experience we were looking for in a 3D system,“ said Clyde Cornell, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Hollywood Theaters. „Dolby has been a reliable and trusted brand in the cinema industry for over 35 years, which gives us confidence that they will provide us with the support we need in making the transition to 3D and digital cinema playback.“

Global Expansion

Dolby is a leading 3D provider in the global market. In Europe, the company has increased the total number of Dolby 3D system shipments to 280 in countries such as Germany, Italy, Poland, and Russia. Similarly, in Asia, Dolby has shipped approximately 100 Dolby 3D systems, leveraging its network and distribution outlets in the Far East. The anticipation of 3D movies to be released in Asia has led to a number of deals, including T-Joy of Japan and Gateway Cineplex in the Philippines, among others.

„Gateway Cineplex 10 is proud to be associated with Dolby Laboratories, the global leader in entertainment technology. We are also pleased to announce that Gateway Cineplex 10 is the first cinema in the Philippines to showcase both the Dolby Digital Cinema Server and Dolby 3D system,“ said Manuel M. Atacador, Chief Operating Officer, Uniprom Inc. „Plus, with all 10 theatres equipped with the vaunted Dolby sound, Gateway Cineplex 10 promises to deliver only the premium cinema entertainment experience to moviegoers.“

Since its introduction in 2007, the number of Dolby 3D system installations in North America has grown to about 150. Dolby 3D has seen growth in key US markets in the west, mid-west, and southern regions, bringing Dolby 3D to large and independent chains including ArcLight Cinemas, Hollywood Theaters, Malco Theatres, Marcus Theatres, and Warren Theatres.

„Malco Theatres continues to be impressed with the quality and reliability of the Dolby 3D solution and due to the success we’ve experienced and the growing list of 3D content being developed, we have installed additional Dolby 3D systems,“ said Mike Thomson, Vice President Operations and Technology, Malco Theatres. „As Dolby 3D is a huge draw for our audience, providing an unmatched 3D viewing experience, it’s no wonder that Dolby has seen such tremendous growth in such a short period of time.“

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Editor’s Note

Dolby works with a broad group of cinema circuits around the world to provide a superior 3D presentation to their patrons.

Asia Dolby 3D Exhibitor Circuits

Ambassador     Theatre       Major Cineplex SFG Shanghai Cinema

Golden Screen  Cinemas SF  Cinema City T-Joy

JP Theatres     SFX Cinema  YesPlanet

Australia/New Zealand Dolby 3D Exhibitor Circuits

Ace Cinemas    Hoyts Cinemas 

Greater Union   Reading Cinemas 

Europe Dolby 3D Exhibitor Circuits

Alexandra Group   Giometti  Multikino

Bio Rex               Helios Cinemas Nevafilm

Blitz-Cinestar       IMC   Pathe

Cinecity              Independent  Politeama Cityplex

Cinema City         Kinepolis Group Showcase Cinema

Cinema Park         Kino Kryterium Silver Screen

Cinemax              Metropol  Vue

Citta del Cinema   Movieplex Cinema  

North America Dolby 3D Exhibitor Circuits

Alameda Cinemas   Davis Theatres Muller Family Theatres

ArcLight Cinemas    Epic Theatres  North American Cinemas

Bianchi Theatres    Fairchild Cinemas Pacific Theatres

Big Sky Cinemas     Grand Theatre  Penn Cinema

Brenden Theatre    Guzzo Cinemas Platinum Theatres

Cameo Theatre      Hallett Cinemas Premiere Theaters

Carousel Cinemas   Hollywood Theaters Regency

Cinetopia              Kerasotes Theatres Starlight Cinemas

CineLux Theatres   Liberty Theatres Sun Basin Cinemas

Cinema City          Malco Theatres Sundance Cinemas

Cinemagic Cinema  Marcus Theatres Trademark Cinemas

Cinemaworld Theatres Maya Cinemas  Warren Theatres

Clark Theatres           Megaplex Theatres 

Cobb Theatres           Movie Experience 

South America Dolby 3D Exhibitor Circuits

Hoyts General Cinema Supercines  UVK Multicines

MSA Cinemtografica                    UCI Cinemas 

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