At the IAA 2009, The International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Huber Group unveils 'SimuFuel' – the world's first LPG/Diesel solution for SUV's and light duty vehicles in conjunction with SCR – making Euro 6 emission levels attainable

Huber Group, an international TIER-1 supplier, located in Mühlhausen near Stuttgart, is presenting ‚SimuFuel‘ at this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) from 17th to 27th September 2009, exhibition stand F03 in Hall 8.0. ‚SimuFuel‘ takes its name from ’simultaneous fuelling‘ and stands for the simultaneous combustion of ‚Liquefied Petroleum Gas‘ (LPG) and diesel fuel, whereby the LPG share can constitute up to 40%, depending on the operating point. Huber Group’s ‚SimuFuel‘ is the first LPG/diesel solution for SUV’s and light duty vehicles worldwide. It provides satisfactory reduction of nitrogen dioxide (N02) and nitrogen monoxide (NO) via selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The simultaneous integration of a SCR system enables the problematic nitrous gases to be reduced to harmless nitrogen (N2) by injecting a urea solution via a catalytic process.

„We are very confident that our concept will surmount the approval hurdles for dual fuel systems in the LPG/diesel sector, for which there are currently no regulations,“ says Martin Huber, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Huber Group. „‚SimuFuel‘ makes even the Euro 6 emission levels attainable.“

More details will be available and a ‚SimuFuel‘ concept car will be on show at the Huber Group exhibition stand F03 in Hall 8.0 during the IAA from 17th to 27th September 2009 as well as on the press days, on 15th and 16th September.

The Huber Group will also be presenting its extensive development and product portfolio, including emission-reducing components and systems for combustion engine and alternative drives. The aim is to offer interested visitors the added advantage of receiving development services, testing and production all from one source. Visitors will also find control units, which have been developed and produced by Huber Group, OBD diagnostic tools and components that conduct airflow and emissions such as actuators, sensors, intake modules and EGR components.

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