Samsung Selects Dolby’s Surround Sound Solution for Premium Gaming Notebook

Dolby® Home Theater® v4 produces rich and cinematic surround sound for maximizing the digital entertainment experience
Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB) announced that Samsung Electronics has chosen to adopt Dolby® Home Theater® v4, a suite of audio technologies, for its Samsung Series 7 GAMER notebook PC .
Samsung has selected Dolby Home Theater v4 to evolve the entertainment experience on Samsung Series 7 GAMER so that consumers can enjoy games and movies with more immersive and vivid sound.
The latest generation of Dolby PC audio technologies creates a solution that helps resolve the growing number of challenges associated with providing a high-quality PC audio entertainment experience. Whether stereo content lacks cinematic surround sound, poorly mixed content contains unintelligible dialogue, or volume levels are inconsistent or cause distortion across entertainment sources, Dolby Home Theater helps correct these problems and maximize the user’s pleasure.

“It is very encouraging to see Dolby’s PC surround sound solution adopted in Samsung’s premium new gaming notebook,” said Jay Kim, Country Manager of Dolby Korea. “Consumers who seek high-quality audio sound and enjoy a variety of entertainment content like games and movies on PCs will be quick to welcome this development. We are thrilled to work with Samsung to provide Dolby’s high-quality surround sound to the Series 7 GAMER.”

Samsung’s Series 7 GAMER equipped with Dolby Home Theater v4 is expected to be launched globally , including in Korea.

High-end PC surround sound solution Dolby Home Theater v4 is designed to provide consumers with premium surround sound through a range of technological functions:

  •  Surround Decoder creates a surround sound experience by converting two-channel stereo audio into 5.1 channels and converting 5.1-channel audio into 7.1 channels.
  • Surround Virtualizer creates a virtualized surround sound experience of stereo or multichannel content over stereo speakers or headphones.
  • Dialogue Enhancer improves clarity of speech, allowing users to hear and understand every word of dialogue.
  • Volume Leveler maintains the volume across all content and applications according to where the user sets the volume level.
  • Intelligent Equalizer monitors and adjusts audio to match the user’s chosen preset.
  • Volume Maximizer boosts the audio signal so users can turn up the volume without causing noise or clipping.
  • Graphic Equalizer lets users tailor audio to their exact specifications using high-quality general filtering.
  • Dolby Digital Output converts all PC audio to Dolby Digital signals, allowing the PC to be connected to a home theater system.
  • Audio Optimizer improves the frequency response of the PC’s built-in speakers so content sounds truer to the way its creator meant it to be heard.
  • Audio Regulator eliminates or reduces noise caused by the combination of overdriven speakers and amplifiers.

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