Huber goes AUTOSAR: Huber Group now also supplies electronic control units with AUTOSAR 3.1 operating system

Huber Group is extending its product portfolio to include electronic control units with AUTOSAR 3.1 operating system in the fields of powertrain, body control and hydraulic applications for customers‘ own function codes.

The aim of the development partnership AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open  System ARchitecture) is to establish an open and standardised software architecture in automotive electronics. The application of the AUTOSAR standards facilitates the application of independent software components to distribute the functions in a flexible manner within the electronic control unit network, in the form of function modules detached from the actual control unit hardware. Hardware components will therefore become replaceable and functional software and operating systems will no longer constitute an inseparable unit. AUTOSAR can now be installed throughout the world, thanks to the specifications in Release 3.1, which stipulate the rules to integrate On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) in accordance with the OBDII-Standard.     

The Huber Group now offers its customers electronic control units featuring the AUTOSAR 3.1 operating system as a complete solution and is likewise focussing on companies that have their own functional development but not their own hardware production. Electronic control units are supplied for powertrain, body control and hydraulic systems to be installed in the most diverse operating and ambient conditions in a multitude of sizes, whether plastic housing for installation in the passenger compartment/driver’s cab or aluminium housing for the engine compartment/engine mount.

Apart from potentially sharing the development tasks between the customer and supplier, this concept also offers the following advantages:

– defined standardised interfaces between the basic and functional software programs

– certified basic software program with Safety Integrity Level  – SIL 3

– continuous tool chain for the development process beyond the confines of those involved

– support with commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS-Software)

„In the same way as the Microsoft or Linux operating systems present a platform for PCs on which a multitude of the most diverse programs can be installed and run, AUTOSAR will revolutionise the subject of embedded software and uncouple the functional software from the hardware,“ says Martin Huber, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Huber Group.

Following the publication of the specifications for Release 3.1, the Huber Group decided to supply various control units featuring the AUTOSAR 3.1 operating system. The first prototypes were then presented at the IAA, Frankfurt in 2009. Martin Huber further emphasises: „Creating an open standard in automotive electronics, as is the aim of the AUTOSAR development partnership, offers manufacturers, but above all suppliers, numerous advantages. AUTOSAR enables us to provide our customers with even shorter time-to-market, higher transparency and cost-savings.“

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